Medication Management

Medication management is an important aspect of psychiatric treatment, especially for individuals with mental health conditions that require pharmacological interventions.

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During a medication management visit, our psychiatric nurse practitioner will evaluate and monitor a patient's response to their psychiatric medication regimen.

The frequency of medication management visits will depend on the individual patient's needs and from weekly to several months apart. It is important for patients to attend all scheduled appointments and to communicate any changes or concerns regarding their medication with their provider.

We offer pharmacogenomic testing, which may include:

Assessing the patient's current symptoms and overall mental health status.

Reviewing any side effects the patient may be experiencing from their medication and addressing any concerns.

Evaluating the effectiveness of the current medication and considering adjustments or changes in the medication regimen as needed.

Checking for any potential drug interactions with other medications or supplements the patient may be taking.

Reviewing the patient's medication compliance, including any missed doses or changes in dosing.

Discussing any other treatment options, such as psychotherapy, that may be beneficial in conjunction with medication.

mental health therapist with medication pills in their hands

Pharmacogenomics combines the science of pharmacology(medications) and genomics.

Pharmacogenomics explores how an individual’s genetics may influence their response to drugs. Pharmacogenomic testing is typically performed using a blood or saliva sample, which is then analyzed in a laboratory to determine the patient's genetic profile. This technology cannot determine the “perfect drug”. However, in conjunction with clinical judgment, the patient’s history, past treatment response, family history and treatment goals, our clinicians can utilize this technology to make informed treatment decisions for our patients.

Overall, medication management is a collaborative process between the patient and their mental health provider, with the ultimate goal of achieving optimal outcomes while minimizing any potential risks or side effects.

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We offer in-person and tele-health appointments

Our therapists will determine if tele-health therapy is an appropriate option for your individual needs and circumstances.