PM Kidz Plus offers outpatient mental health services to children, teens and adults

We specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional and psychiatric difficulties.

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Our patients have the opportunity to participate in individual and family-oriented treatment, as well as child and parent groups.

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We offer complete psychiatric and psychosocial evaluations and also assist parents, schools, agencies and other medical specialists in understanding patient needs.

We also treat adult and family members.

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Taking care of your kid’s mental health is just as important as making sure they are physically healthy.

PM Kidz Plus has the capacity to serve children, adolescents and adults, delivering center-based evaluations, personalized treatment plans, and therapy services for mental health disorders to include, but not limited to, stress, depression, social anxiety, OCD, and post-traumatic disorders.

In addition, family members have the benefit of utilizing our family therapy services, where families have a chance to express and explore feelings and differences in a safe, non-judgmental environment. This form of treatment is designed to help and encourage families to find a positive way to move forward in a cohesive manner, and is proven to assist families in overcoming differences, improving communication, and managing behavioral concerns.

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We offer in-person and tele-health appointments

Our therapists will determine if tele-health therapy is an appropriate option for your individual needs and circumstances.